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My MASSAGE RITUALS and EMOTIONAL PATHS allow you to enter into a highly sensorial dimension of well-being and ecstasy, unknown to the outside world... a truly unique and regenerating meditative space for Body, Mind and Soul.

Basic Relaxation

30 min. - € 150

A very simple Tantric Massage and full relaxing lingam (NOT body to body) ..carried out on a professional massage exellent treatment for those who don't have much time...

Sensorial Tantra

45 min. - € 200

Wonderful Body-to-Body massage performed in nudity on futons with warm oils; extremely engaging, pleasant and relaxing stimulation of the entire body’s energy points and erogenous zones. Reciprocal massage and, upon request, prostate massages offered as well.

Emotional Tantra

1h - € 300

A Wonderful Erotic Massage of pure ecstasy. Body to Body performed on futons in total nudity; complete with all the emotional and sensory relaxing movements, Kundalini energy activation. Complete, regenerating and fulfilling.

Hydromassage Extasy

1h - € 400

Relax in water with a Mega Screen for a day-spa

A scrub in the shower + relaxation in the water + emotional massage on a futon… enjoy! Skin purification and muscle relaxation with natural waves, mental relaxation with in-water chromotherapy... gratifying, joyful and good mood for the soul! ...customizable upon request

Outcall Service


1h - € 500 my company for a max of 2 hours, customizable service..

Euphoria Paths

Bach Flowers

1h - € 400

An emotional path to eliminate negative thoughts and worries... mental anti-stress that enables you to let yourself go towards positive emotional states. Complete mental and stimulating relaxation of reactive strength... The session begins by sipping herbal flowers tea, massage preparation, choice of flowers to be massaged on the chakras, personalized tantra massage, concluded with an energizing or relaxing assisted shower with flowers.

With Essential Oils

1h - € 400

A sensory massage path aimed at unblocking muscular tensions due to stress and wrong posture with specific Essential Oils that dissolve and relax the entire muscular structure so as to make the pleasant and satisfying vital energies flow better... oils with highly aphrodisiac qualities will be added to the essential Oils to complete the session in total ecstasy... The session begins by sipping highly aphrodisiac herbal tea together, followed by a personalized tantric massage session and a final assisted shower..

Bach flowers and pure essential Oils

  • 100% SAFE
  • They do not create side effects and are not addictive
  • There is no conflicting risk with other medicines
  • Gluten and allergens free
  • Ingredients: water, alcohol, Bach flower extracts
  • Pure Organic essential oils, alcohol free

Vip Lounge Relax - Only Exclusive Treatments!

Total Experience

The "Vip Lounge Relax" is an exclusive activity located in Rome (Parioli area).