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Welcome to My Atmospheric Suite
and Tantra Massages


Professional Holistic Massages, Total Relaxation Tantra Treatments for body, mind and soul...
Top-Quality Services... a new philosophy of life that gives harmony through positive energy and a love for life...
Available every day from Monday to Friday, only by appointment, booked and confirmed, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ... only for serious and demanding people **
My MASSAGE RITUALS and EMOTIONAL PATHS allow you to enter into a highly sensorial dimension of well-being and ecstasy, unknown to the outside world... a truly unique and regenerating meditative space for Body, Mind and Soul.
An experience at "Vip Lounge Relax" is extremely engaging and emotionally unique; to the point that you’ll consider massages as a beautiful and irreplaceable habit.


(+39) 331 796 3326

I speak English

There are two kinds of impulses: one is of an erotic nature, which tends to unite, while the other is of a destructive kind, which tends to divide. You are either under the influence of one or the other.

.Sigmund Freud.

Vip Lounge Relax - Only Exclusive Treatments!

Total Experience

The "Vip Lounge Relax" is an exclusive activity located in Rome (Parioli area).